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Specialist papers:

Waste Prevention
Waste Recycling
Material Streams Management
Environmental Management
Ecological Balance
Product Construction
Environmental Planning
Sustainable Development
Cooperation in Environmental Protection


Responsibility for the environment: 

Waste avoidance and recycling on the basis of producer responsibility

In order to contribute to the protection of resources, waste management must cooperate constructively with all other persons involved in the product life cycle. A recent study determined how far this is possible by means of a producer's responsibility.

 Executive Summary (PDF-formated, ca. 120 KB)


Position paper: 

Infrastructure systems in qualified future urban planning 

The technical infrastructure systems in cities are outdated in many respects and not adapted to the sustainable needs of the inhabitants. Urban planning which strives to a future oriented urban development must also take into account the adjustment of the infrastructure systems.

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Background information: 

How ecological aspects influence companies' choice of location

Whenever entrepreneurs decide about building up a new company or a new branch, they have to bear in mind a lot of factors. One of these factors is the choice of location. The choice of location comprehends not only spatial aspects but economic and personnel policy as well.
This article  provides an overview of the relevant ecological aspects and highlights a way towards decision making.

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Position paper: 

Prevention of solid waste through resource-conserving product development 

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Professional evaluation:

Influence of privatisation of waste management on material and waste streams

Within the framework of a brief expert evaluation, the question was pursued: to what degree could the coming organisation forms of waste management be advantageously implemented for setting goals for ecological material stream management after the KrW-/AbfG (waste legislation) ordinance.

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Books on waste prevention:

Waste and Sustainable Development
Global Aspects for Regional Environmental planning on the basis of material stream related processing observation.
Berlin 2000, € 18,90

Professional field Waste: Prevention of ecological burdens.
The ecological effectiveness of the prevention and recycling of municipal waste. 
2nd ed. Berlin 2001, € 17,90

Further information and online ordering at RHOMBOS-Verlag, Berlin (Text in German)